Who we are

The company name, Impuljet-Plastics, Lda, reveals the industrial branch to which we connect. Plastic Injectionis the service we have been carrying out since the foundation in 2017. Despite being a recent company, the experience is present, embodying the founders and employees who have years of contact with the industry.

With approximately 2700 m2 of covered surface, we have in our facilities injection machines, of different tonnages, coupled with robots, as well as a workshop of preventive maintenance of molds. We are located in an industrial area in Torres Vedras, a city in the district of Lisbon.

The ability to manufacture technical parts of high complexity allows us to aspire that in the future our company will be on of the references in plastic injection industry in Portugal.


Conceive and provide high-quality, value-added plastic injection services that meet the needs of our customers.


Ensure efficiency and effectiveness, in order to be a leader in the production of plastic parts of high complexity and quality.

May 24, 2019