The production of your project

Plastics injection is a process of producing plastic parts, consisting in the transformation and molding of polymers, in a short space of time, taking into account the specificity of the raw material used.

We have state-of-the-art electrical and robotic injection equipment, endowed with high precision, with tonnage between 90 Ton and 300 Ton, which guarantee the reliability and quality of the product.

We produce through horizontal injection, based on processes such as overmoulding of metallic inserts, precision and aesthetic components and technical complexity. Impuljet also has a storage capacity that ensures customers’ logistical needs.


The Pillars of Our Management

Environmental responsibility

Impuljet carries out an assessment of the environmental impact caused, governed by measures to take advantage of resources, with a view to improved and more efficient performance.

Technological Environment

Having control and management software integrated in production, allows the acquisition of the most diverse informational data in relation to production and its real-time monitoring.

Organizational Culture

A company is based not only on the equipment but on the capabilities of its employees. Thus, fostering team spirit and training are essential for Impuljet.